Learn To Flirt Online

Online flirting is all about what you say and how you say it. While emoticons are a great way to get the ball rolling with a coy face or a cute wink from one person to another, you will definitely need to brush up on your online flirting skills to effectively take your online relationship to the next level.

Be Aggressive- in a good way!

Unlike face to face meets where we tend to rely on subtle body language cues, the internet requires a slightly more obvious flirting approach. For first time interactions try to keep your flirting fun and tasteful and once you have built up a solid foundation you can then take cues from the other person as to what type of flirting is welcomed. A good suggestion is to read the person’s profile then write them a message saying hi, mentioning something that interested you in their profile, that you think they are attractive and that you would like to chat. Be careful not to go too far with your flirtatious opening message, because, unless you are using a sex partner-only search website, any blatant sexual remarks will scare most people off.

Show Genuine Interest

If you are looking to develop a relationship with the person you are flirting with then you want to show them that you are interested. Ask questions and give compliments on both their personality and their appearance. Try for open ended questions to help open up the conversation, but also try to keep your answers to about 3-5 sentences at a time.

Be Natural

Do not say or do things that you are uncomfortable with. If you are anticipating taking this online romance to real life, you will want them to see the real you. So, let things develop at a natural rate. Anticipate at least a few weeks of online chat before attempting to arrange a meet date. And be careful not to come on too strong and or ask personal questions to early on. There is no need to rush, and your dating experience will be far more successful if you take a little bit more time to get to really get to know the person you are flirting with.